preowned products

The majority of our products are new, but some such as DVD movies (only DVD’s and Blu-ray at the moment) are secondhand which customers have traded in to exchange for other products we sell. Only when a product has a letter like B or C at the end of it’s name / label is it a preowned product. Preowned products are cleaned and restored (and repackaged if necessary) and then given a condition rating.


A or no letter = New: Brand new and not preowned.
B = Like New: Or ‘As New’, this items might have some minor cosmetic / tiny scratches, but are often in very similar condition to being brand new.
C = Good: Minor cosmetic marks, but the item remains in perfect working order.

At the moment we do not sell products which are below ‘good condition’.

Movies will usually be resealed and remain sealed during the purchase. If you find the item not working properly you may then return it, within seven days from purchase date. Please make sure to fully test the items before that time has lapsed.