Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?
You do not have to register before placing an order, but it is better that you do. First you add the products to basket / cart which you want via the ‘add to cart’ button on each product’s page. Then in the top right corner of the website you will see it says ‘basket’ and the total value of the products therein, and a number in a basket icon which displays the number of products you’ve chosen, if you hover over anywhere on these with your cursor it will drop-down a list of your chosen product. If you click anywhere on this area it will take you to your basket / cart page where you can overview / edit your chosen items. When you are ready you can click ‘checkout’, it will then ask you to fill in your shipping information, and thereafter you will proceed to payment.
How to pay for an order?
Once you are on the payment page you will be given the option to pay via just about any method there is. Through the ‘Payfast’ option you will be able to pay via credit card, debit card, immediate EFT, Bitcoin, etc. Via the EFT option you will be able to pay via your own back, via internet banking or by visiting the bank physically and making a deposit to our bank account. You cannot make payment in our physical store for online orders, orders must be paid first and then processed.
What happens after I pay?
Using the Payfast option your order will immediately go to processing, paying via EFT we will first need to verify the payment either by receiving proof of payment from you, or by receiving banking confirmation on our side which can take a day or two. Once the payment is processed you will receive an email stating that the order is being processed, thereafter you will receive another email stating the order has been completed / shipped and that will be the last communication from us, and you can expect your order to arrive within the given time. Please let us know that and when you have received your order and that everything is satisfactory.
How much does shipping cost?
This depends on the shipping option you choose on the checkout page, if you are in a major city / urban area shipping is R 70, if you are in an outlying area shipping is more. If you order more than R 300 shipping is free. 
How long till my order arrives?
Once payment is processed and you receive the processing email, orders generally take two to three days to arrive by you, sometimes even the next day. This also depends on public holidays and weekends which can delay shipping. Click here for the full shipping information page.
Can I return a product?
Yes, of course, returns are easy. If you’ve received the wrong item, it is damaged or breaks after initial reasonable use, and within ten days of receiving, you can contact us via email or telephonically. You must do so within ten days of receiving the item, after you have informed us and we’ve informed you that the return will be applicable, then you have to get it to our store, and within thirty days. Thereafter we will assess the item and validate the return, we will then send you the same working / undamaged product, unless it is no longer available, in which case you will be credited the amount which you can use towards a different product / order, or if there is nothing else you want we will refund you. Click here for the full terms and conditions page.
Which products are in-stock?
Generally all items are in stock, and if not it will say so over the thumbnail and on the product page. Sometimes an item can be sold via another channel simultaneously and result in the item being sold out before it can be displayed that way on the website, and sometimes there can be a system or human related error. If an order has been processed for an item which is after found to have been out of stock, you will be credited the amount which you can then use towards a different order / products, or we can refund the amount to you.
Special orders, can I order something you don’t have?
Generally no, but if you think it is something you’ve seen us stock before or if it is quite relevant to our range you can by all means enquire… it might even already be on the way with a new shipment.
Clothing sizes?
The clothing sizes we list are according to the physical label on the item, some items which come from the east tend to be smaller than the usual western sizes, we try to correct this, but just in case we suggest that you ask us to make sure of the size before you confirm an order. In the future we will create a specific chart of measurements to avoid this problem.
Where do our products come from?
At the moment all our products are imported, they are sourced from various suppliers in the USA, Europe, Japan to ensure we have the best and fullest range of relevant products available, and at the best prices.
Conditions of Ordering and Returns
  1. playtech reserves the right to refuse service / cancel purchases
  2. Please make sure you are purchasing the correct items
  3. All sales are final and we regret no refunds
  4. Exchanges only for the same item if proven faulty, within ten days